Aunt Ruth’s Chocolate Roll

5 eggs separated

½ cup confectionary sugar

2 T cocoa

Beat egg whites until stiff

Beat yolks and sugar for 10 minutes.  Fold in cocoa and stiffly beaten egg whites

Grease very well and flour 10 x 15 rimmed cookie sheet

Pour and spread egg mixture onto cookie sheet

Bake at  400 10-15 minutes (gets slightly browned and tooth pick comes out clean when inserted ) and turn out while hot onto thin slightly damp kitchen towel sprinkled with sugar, Roll towel inside cake and cool immediately in fridge for a couple of hours before unrolling.

Spread with whipped cream using about ONE and 1/2 cups heavy cream, about 1/2 T confectionary sugar and 1/2 tea vanilla (should not be too sweet) then roll again.  Cover with fudge frosting

For frosting, use 2 cups sifted confectionary sugar, 3 squares chocolate melted in about 2 TBLE butter

Add to frosting 1/2 tea vanilla and a bit of lemon juice

Add milk, tablespoon at a time till you get the right consistency

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