Brisket (Carole Ringel)

Cut off some of the fat from the meat
(first cut)– put into heavy bottomed pot.  Sear.

Add small can tomato sauce (2 if large piece).  Add 2-3 stalks celery cut up (include leaves)  and 1-2 lb cut up carrots.  2 onions quartered and 2 cloves garlic pressed.  Add pepper and 1 1/2 Tble soy sauce.

Cover entirely with water.  Boil and cover.  Simmer but cook about 2 hours (knife will go through meat without too much resistance).

Pour out liquid, strain onion and celery into rest of gravy.  Put gravy into fridge for next day.

Slice meat into thin pieces and put back into pot.  Cover with carrots and put in fridge.

Next day:  take any fat off gravy and then pour back into pot with meat and carrots.  Cook uncovered (simmer) for another two hours–till meat falls apart and gravy cooks down (not down to nothing though).   Can serve next day, freeze (separate meat from gravy), or will keep in refrigerator for many days.



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