5 LBS  potatoes 

2-3 small onions 

8 eggs

1/3 cup matzo meal (may need more if too much liquid)

3 TBLE sour cream

salt and pepper to taste– start with  small handful of K salt.

I also add a couple of  pressed garlic cloves

First process onion with steel blade–don’t mush.  Set aside to add later to taste.  Shred  potatoes in food processor and put into colander.  When drained,  put back into food processor using steel blade. Makes it mushy instead of shreddy.  Then put back into colander and get out as much liquid as possible.  Put into large bowl and mix in other ingredients.  Have a small fry pan handy for testing/tasting a couple before making large batch.  Fry in a hot pan.  I like small crispy latkes.  Freeze in layers separated by wax paper.  

For 10# potatoes, use 12 eggs and about 6 onions.  Yield 200 small latkes

When ready to serve, take directly from the freezer and put on a cookie sheet into a 500 oven.  No need to grease sheet.  Keep in oven until hot and bubbly.

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